MAAV Pledge

Respect For All

I pledge to regard and treat my fellow MAAV members with dignity and respect regardless of their opinions, backgrounds, lifestyles, political affiliations, or religious perspectives.

Active Contribution

I pledge to make a steady, significant, positive contribution to the success of this group by contributing my knowledge and ideas, and I pledge to add to the emails, discussions, and files we create within this group as I come across relevant resources.

Conflict Avoidance & Resolution

I pledge to consider all sides of any issue before rushing to judgment or presenting areas of disagreement.  If I have anything sensitive to say to a person, I pledge to speak to the person in private, and will not engage in rival cliques or coalitions.  I pledge to respect the confidentiality of private emails and conversations.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

For every idea, innovative strategy, and resource that I gain from this group, I pledge to include *written credit* for the organization and individual who created the concept or resource.