Muslim Advocates Against Violence (MAAV)

Muslim Advocates Against Violence (MAAV) is a national network of advocates committed to ending violence against women and supporting healthy communities.

MAAV’s mission is to raise awareness, foster dialogue and strengthen advocacy.

How: As the only national network of Muslim advocates working to end domestic violence, MAAV is a supportive and safe space for Muslim advocates to come together to find solutions to build healthy communities, and discuss issues relevant to their experiences.  MAAV also serves as a collective voice for Muslim advocates working to end domestic violence and create systemic change.

Join Us!

To join our listserve, please answer the following questions and email your responses to maav[dot]info[at]gmail[dot]com, with JOIN MAAV in the subject line.

  • Briefly explain your advocacy work in 1-2 sentences, and include your name, position, organization, work address, work phone, work email, and work website (this information will be kept confidential)

  • Do you identify yourself as a Muslim advocate working against violence?

  • Read the MAAV Pledge and by joining the listserve you are agreeing to the pledge.

Bi-Monthly Discussions

Stay tuned for a 2010 Calendar of topics for our bi-monthly conference call discussions